BloodySpghetti BloodySpghetti 1 hour ago

Guess I fucked up

So it was explained to me what was wrong with what I did with Rose. I didn't think at the time about the weight of my words and how it would look to an onlooker from the side. I've shared a few mature jokes and spoke about some mature topics with a person I misjudged as mature enough to have them with. I didn't intend no harm with said jokes or over all conversations. Hopefully Rose was not too hurt by said things and if she was I am deeply sorry and wish her all the best. Along with getting better quickly from the stress I might have caused.

I've misjudged my standing in the situation , I've misjudged my conversation partner and there's no excuse for the way I spoke. A stupid lack of awareness on my part and I'm truly sorry for the troub…

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BloodySpghetti BloodySpghetti 3 days ago

I got to get something off my chest

Okay, so recently I've been accused of a myriad of things. Some of which I am accountable for while others not. I'd like to address all of these issues here to clarify the air.

I've been accused of rape apology, which in a way I did commit. I have said some wrong and terrible things about sexual abuse victims, sex workers and human trafficking victims a while ago. I've learned my lesson since. I am sincerely sorry for these heinous comments I've made and I take full responsibility for making them. I've learned from my mistakes and sexual abuse is no laughing matter. Many people are suffering from this awful issue and we all should do our best to eradicate it.

I am sorry for using rape as a trolling device to upset a certain someone, I let my…

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PolarNPorcalin PolarNPorcalin 30 October 2020

The Voice

I hear a voice talking to me about 0:31AM in the morning. I was sleeping in my bedroom and do you want  to know why I knew it was talking directly to me? Because number 1, I was the only one in my bedroom and number 2, it said "Hello, *take a wild guess of my name and insert here*." It was the voice of a deep woman. That's all I remember.

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Join Sci-World for a great experience: here is the link

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Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy 23 April 2019

about why I'm not on much

the reason why I'm only on Monday-Thrusday from 6:00 - 9:30 pm is because my school blocked this website and I can't only get on those days because Friday-Sunday I got to my grandmother's grave and I really wished I could actually be on 24/7 but I won't be on for awhile in my 9th grade year I'll be here and there but I won't be on here for a long period of time like I am now so what I'm trying to say is don't get your hopes up for the future if I'm dating you(Ace) or if we're rping (Griff, Ace, and Autumn)

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Ayato2004 Ayato2004 1 April 2019


Hi everyone my name is Ayato2004! I'm pretty new to Wikifandom so I still am not quite sure what I'm doing. I'm a really huge fan of Creepypasta and anime so anything like that on here, the second I find it I'm gonna be all over it. This post was really just meant so you guys could know me a little better. If you've got any questions you can just ask me, just don't make it weird and stalker-ish. Okay.....well.....that's pretty much all I've got, thanks for reading this all the way to the end!

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AnimeIsGoodD AnimeIsGoodD 3 March 2019

More boring crap

SO like I got a girlfriend she is awesome and I'm just horrible so she probably hates me. I make her upset every day (She's kind stubborn anyways). Done with that subject I like mythology video games and anime................... I'm a boy what'd you expect?? And that is all  :l (Don't give anyone ideas for me to write this is hard enough.)

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Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy 26 February 2019


FYI my parents hates my guts so if I'm not on for 3 hours after I get home from school-.- that means I can't talk to Trainaaut and Ace and btw I would love it if someone would make me happy or at least talk to me while Ace is busy at his school...or when Ace is just busy because I can only be on the wiki during school today and I am hoping tomorrow after I get home from selling cookies for Student CO. because May 10, 2019 I'm going on a felid trip so I also won't be on that day.

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Jacquelyn Vixen Jacquelyn Vixen 25 February 2019

Conquering Typos

Here is a guide to conquer typos. Yes I make mistakes to, we are all human, so if you see a mistake I made feel free to point it out, I will not mind.

  • Read over your work at least four times
  • If something doesn't sound right fix it, check it
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help.
  • Have someone else read over it
  • Is it possessive, meaning one, or more
  • He/him/her/she/it use these to define an animal or human
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Jacquelyn Vixen Jacquelyn Vixen 25 February 2019

About Me

I am Delta Dawn or Fantasia,

which ever you prefer to call me. I hope to write and narrate a few stories. Some say strange, some say odd, I say child of the living God. Just, because I believe in God doesn't mean I can't like ghost stories and pastas, it is not a crime. He will not kill me for it, because God is good all the time and All the time God is good. My favorite male pasta is Ben, my favorite animal pasta is Smile, and I do not have a favorite female yet, because well I just don't like any of them that I have seen.
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AnimeIsGoodD AnimeIsGoodD 18 February 2019

About me (I guess I'm Boring though)

Like I said I am boring well I draw so... I guess it counts? And I will not be doing a lot blogs cuz I have nothing to speak about unless someone wants me to talk about stuff which I highly doubt But okaaaaaaaay.

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TheRogue12 TheRogue12 17 February 2019


Uh, hi? I'm from the Creepypasta Wiki and I just found this so um hi I think...

Sorry, this is just a little weird to me and at first I thought it was some Creepyasta Wiki ripoff.

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Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy 7 February 2019

friends or not friends?

I need help with something I have some friends and friends that I think are my friends but are only my friends to use my vampire powers for evil instead of good. For example Sam Myers he uses my powers for his own self, his brother Logan Myers uses my love vampire power to make me flirt with me, and Maggie she uses my powers to make me hate myself and want me to die. The three people I metion are humans but Logan Myers is going to be turned into a vampire tomorrow. if you guys have something to help me with this problem please tell me.

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Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy 6 February 2019

Squidward's Suic..." (Horror Story) Creepypasta + Eraser Art Challenge by Jordan Persegati

Ok this is my frist time not doing anything but Jordan Persegati did help me with this creepypasta last year on Apirl 6th 2018. so I copy the video link but here is the video so if you want me to explain Squidward's Suicide in my next blog I will just say "more Jordan Persegati."

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Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy 4 February 2019


Normally I don't talk about my school but here goes nothing. 

I used to love school all the time until I became an 8th grader, but the good thing is that I'm in Student Council and I have friends well at least I think my friends are my friends for me not for somebody who isn't me. The sad thing is my friend Matthew Shellton isn't actually going to the same school as me, but he is coming to school to do his homeschooling at school and me and him still talks even though we're no longer BF and GF. That doesn't brother at all but what does brother is that when he is 22 I'll be 18 and he promise that he'll wait for me to gruadute from school but I don't think he will at all....but I'll ask him some day.

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Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy 3 February 2019

Love of my life

This blog is gonna be sad, happy, angry, and just plain up depressing. P.S. the girl in the story is me and the boy in the story is my ex boyfriend who is still alive his name was Matthew Shellton.

The day started out normal, like all the other days, she woke up from a nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep, so the girl got out of bed and walked to the window looking out to see if she could make out who that boy was who saved her life from the hands of Zalgo, her own father.

"I must find out what the boy's name is, thus I can't not tell him my name because of what he might do to himself." the girl started to talk to her friend Jane the killer

"LuzrAy, please I beg of you don't go looking for the human he may seem nice do you want a repeat of…

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Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy 3 February 2019

LuzrAy and friends

Hello there fellow creepypasta fans, I'm LuzrAy and I'm a proxy of slenderman well one of the four the other three are Masky, Hoodie, and Kate. My BCFF(BEST CREEYPASTA FRIENDS FOREVER) are Masky, Hoodie, Kate, Sally, Lulu, Jeff the Killer, Jane the killer, Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, BEN Drowned, Pinkamena Diane Pie, NightShade, Ally the Slender doll, Homicidal Liu, Smile dog, Sonic.exe, and Clockwork. If I could date Masky or Hoodie, I would SO pick Masky because I love when the person I'm dating is mysterious, and I bet Masky would love to date me as well. I also know that BEN Drowned would literly kill Masky for touching me because BEN Drowned has a crush on me, unlike me I have a crush on Masky and Hoodie not on BEN Drowned....and if …

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Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy Lizzie wolf114LuzrAy 2 February 2019

my family

ok normal I don't talk about my family much but here I am abut to talk about my family. My mom is a human while my dad thinks he is Zalgo, so me and my sister are named LuzrAy and Lazari. I only have one sibling no more than that. I ran away from home when me and Lazari were 1 years old and ever since then slenderman has been like a father to me but sadly I'm now slenderman's porxy. here's a picture of me and my sister next to each other.

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Devourhell lord666 Devourhell lord666 27 January 2019


It was about midnight when it happened. It was very dark for him to see but, at least he had a flashlight but, let’s be honest it didn’t help his hallucinations or his fear of them. He kept walking through the path to the beach, where everything in the world would disappear from his own grasp. He couldn’t keep up with how life treated him, how life kept taking loved ones away from him but, soon he would have his request to die coming at him, full force, without any warning. He stopped to see someone just standing there, right in the middle of the pathway, blocking his way. “Um… excuse me could you move?” He asked kindly not wanting to get into trouble but, the trouble found him. The person turned to face him. It was a woman, about 5’4 wear…

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Trainaaut Trainaaut 21 January 2019


hi every creepypasta lovers name's autumn and i love creepypasta sooo much IT"S MA LIFE I TELL U MA LIFE!!!!

thats all for today 


(short blog :P )

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Alisa corral Alisa corral 27 September 2018

new page

hi my name is alisa and im new to this page and i want ideas on how to start this so if your so kind comment for ideas in the comment and support me i really want to be apart of this page please and thank you.:)

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ZYTM76 ZYTM76 27 April 2018


老師:有今天新一位同學會轉過來請大家好好照護她麗絲你可以進來了 [1] 愛麗絲:大家你們好我叫有汐院麗絲。












































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Squidmanescape Squidmanescape 17 March 2017

Second Rule

Why is there a rule saying that there may not be typos or grammatical errors when there are so many (apparently)? Is there something I am missing (such as what constitutes a typo or grammatical error)? I am sorry, I just feel curious as to the validity of this rule.

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Squidmanescape Squidmanescape 13 March 2017

How is the "Original" Category used?

I am unsure of the intended function of the "Original" category. Is it meant to be used alongside a category referring to someone's name, or must one put multiple stories on the site and then create a name category? I am sorry if my incompetence has caused some sort of categorical issue if that turns out to be the case.

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