Cheshire Cat's Lullaby by Unknown Author

Cheshire Cat's Lullaby

Cheshire Cat's Lullaby

Dear little Alice, please don't cry

Tears of woe won't help you get by

I know you feel scared, lost and alone

Since you cannot find you're way back, home

Have strange things happened? Is there anything I need to know?

Did you taste things that made you, shrink?

Or, grow?

Did you suffer any?


Say it isn't so

I will help you out, just wait and see

You'd be glad that you found a cat

Like, me

I'll show you around this fascinating place

Only if you keep a smile on you're face

No more reading signs that say: 'This way', or, 'yonder'

Now you don't have to sit down and try to ponder

Which way should you go, you ask?

I seem to find that a fairly simple task

Just follow my grin for you will know soon

How much it looks like a glowing crescent moon

Don't be afraid, please follow my advice

Surely you don't even need to think twice

Oh look, there's the Queen all dressed in Red

Hear how she screams...


Those are the very words everyone dreads

Would you like to keep you're head?

Quick Alice! Run! The cards are after you!

Run through this door

I'll protect you

Dry you're eyes Alice, because there's no time to cry

You'll see me again as the years come flying by

And just when you think this might be the end

Never forget that, in you're heart...

You'll always be my friend