Confirmed Authors

We have a growing list of authors who have given us permission to post their stories and the time has come to post a page with a list of all the authors' names who have granted us permission. If you wish to post any stories by any of these authors then please check that the story you wish to post has not already been posted, if not, then you can post it, afterward, please get in touch with a moderator to check your post. 

  • SlimeBeast
  • Vincent Vena Cava
  • C. K. Walker
  • Sesseur
  • SnuffBomb
  • Star-Byte (We may NOT post Pokemon Dead Channel 1 or 2)
  • EZmisery (We must also link each post to EZ's Facebook page) 

Unknown Author

If you wish to post a story by and unknown author, you must first try to track down the original author of the story you wish to post and ask their permission to post their story here, if you can not track down the author, or they have hidden themselves so well that they seemingly cease to exist, then you may post their story. If, however, you manage to track down the author but can not get in contact with them, please send any information to Nico Wonderdust, including the story you wish to post, the original author's name, proof they are the original author and any links you may have to their personal pages (inc. Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, Youtube ect)

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