ExamplePasta by Nico Wonderdust

Don't be fooled by the name, this is not a CreepyPasta, this is a guideline for those who want to write CreepyPasta. This is not a place for rules and regulations, this is a place set up to help you flourish as a writer by giving you tips and pointers, you are under no obligation to take this advice onboard, but it would make your stories easier to read, and that's the only reason this "ExamplePasta" is here. A standard paragraph (on here, not as a rule on all CreepyPasta sites & wikis) should be roughly about as long as they are in this example and long sentences should be broken up, with commas.

"Every time a new person in your story talks" said Nico Wonderdust, "There should be a new line with a one line gap"

"But why?" asked the reader,

"It just makes it easier to read" Nico Wonderdust replied.

"But what if you don't use a new line?" asked the reader, "Then everything looks clumped together and it gets too confusing for the reader" Nico swiftly responded, "Much like this is", Nico paused and took a breath, "And then you end up with quotation marks all over the place and sentences without commas and everything just gets too difficult to read but when it's broken up like above it looks nice and is easy to read, isn't it?" Nico pointed out. 

(I actually hate that I'm leaving that as it is, no commas or structure and it's killing me)

Also, as I said in the rules, if typos are a problem for you, consider getting the Grammarly add-on for Google Chrome, but don't worry too much about it, if in doubt ask a moderator to proof ready your work. Everybodi meks mistakez rite? (My Grammarly is going mental right now, ha!) For those looking for a bit of incentive to write as best they can, I'll be doing a "featured" section for the best-written, best story submitted by our members, once this Wikia picks up too.

Similarly to each time someone speaks,

  1. Lists should be broken up (but that's obvious)
  2. You should use the "Insert Numbers" from the top as spacing it yourself doesn't work
  3. Bullet points work just as well too

Then press the "Insert Numbers" icon again to turn it off.

Now I know I'm covering the very basics here and most of you will already know this, but you'd be amazed how many people don't, and this page is simply to help them and everyone benefits, nobody wants to read a poorly written CreepyPasta, but nobody wants their CreepyPasta too regulated, and that's what we're about here, helping the new writers flourish and helping the readers find fresh content.

Finally, always remember rule #1..

We don't talk abou.. Nevermind, wrong story.

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