CreepyPasta Series

Do you long to read a bunch of stories that follow on from each other? Maybe you want to read a few stories featuring the same protagonist or villain? This is the place you will find all those CreepyPasta.

Abandoned By Disney

Abandoned By Disney is 4-part series which was written by the popular CreepyPasta author, SlimeBeast, click on the link below to navigate to the series and read all 4 parts today.

  1. Prequel 
  2. Part One
  3. Part Two
  4. Part Three

Desmond's Journal

Desmond's Journal is a series currently being written by none other than our Resident Writer and the first member to ever join this Wiki Pokerf1st! Keep checking back for the final chapter to this amazing story!

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three (Coming Soon!)

'Die Märchen von einem' österreichischen Mädchen

Die Märchen von einem österreichischen Mädchen (The Tales of an Austrian Maiden) is a 5-part series written by BloodySpghetti which follows the misadventures of Elizabeth's Dietrichsditter, The Viennese Ghost.

  1. Prequel
  2. Prequel II
  3. Part One
  4. Part Two
  5. Part Three

Dimensional Jumping

Dimensional Jumping is an ongoing series currently been writting by the Wiki's founder, Nico Wonderdust, which follows the protagonist, Alex Gee, across dimensions in search of his dead mother.

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three (Coming Soon!)

Twisted Poke-world

Twisted Poke-world is a collection of creepypastas written by our very own, LunarExplosion they deal with a twisted universe of Pokemon where any and every kind of insane thing can happen.

  1. My Brother is a Psycho
  2. My Brother's Girlfriend is a Psycho
  3. Tapes of Hell
  4. Deep Expectations
  5. Five Nights at Chili's

The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer is a series by BleedingHeartWorks and it details the story of a tortured soul gone the bastard spirit child of Walter C Dornez and Sasori of the Red Sand, the title is self explenatory, basically. Enjoy!

  1. The Puppeteer
  2. The Puppeteer II: Motherly Love

The Man Who Ended the World

The Man Who Ended The World is a trilogy by yours truly, BloodySpghetti, and it follows the epic narrative of a single man who held the destiny of an entire civilization in the palm of his hands. While not exactly Creepypasta these Lovecraft inspired pieces are fitting of the "internet horror stories"

  1. Aythideos
  2. The Old Man Who Turned the Moon Black
  3. The Black Bird Faced Queen

All Too Human

A sci-fi AI centered series by Icydice that explores our deepest fear of technology and intellegent life forms that could rival our status as the "top species" on the planet.

  1. All Too Human
  2. Less Than Human
  3. To Become God

Beyond The Necropolis

a single sci-fi plot spanned across a few pieces, it's about a Robot who likes to play G.o.D. Written by yours truly.

  1. A Nihilistic King
  2. Justice In Murder
  3. Good Apollo, The God Slayer

Message from Nico Wonderdust: This page will be updated as more series are added to the Wiki.

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