(Note, that this is not real.) I Was Sitting on the Couch watching some movie about a man who loves a woman, but the woman does not. It's a comedy love movie. Until i heard a knock at the door. i said "Who is it". I Heard a boy say "HelP mE. PleASE. I Was scared. I Said, Who Is There!. I Looked down the window it was a jelly-looking creature. I Called 911 and they didn't believe me. The Boy is saying "PLeASe OpEn The DdOR. hE's CoMinG!"  Opened the door and he went inside hiding under my dining table. I Said who are you. He said that he should be quiet and hide.  So i hid for 2 hours. In those 2 hours i saw creature looking legs. I Was hiding in the closet, by the way. After all that. The Jelly-Looking Creature said, "Thank You for Saving My Life. I'll meet you soon". And Then He Went away. I Just went on and watched my movie. I Thought he was pretty nice.