Transcript by Elizabeth Ryder

The following is a transcript of some conversations I had with my friends. I am posting this as a warning with the consent of all involved.

5th August 5:03 PM

Allie: Hey

Jade: Hey!

Sophie: Hey hey.

Lizzy: Stop saying Hey! What are you- horses?

Allie: Horses?

Lizzie: Hey/hay- geddit?

Allie: 😑

Jade: We're not angry. Just dissapointed.

Derek: Hey.


Derek: Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey....

Jade: Sophie, control your boyfriend...

Sophie: Derek! Shut up!

Derek: Yes mistress...

Jade: What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were sick?

Derek: I got better.

Sophie: Are you coming back to school then? Or are you gonna skive?

Derek: Skive. Deffo-nutley.

Lizzy: What are you- a squirrel?

Jade: Shut up Lizzy.

Lizzy: 🤐

August 7th 12:37 PM

Sophie: Hi, Lizzy

Lizzy: Hat.

Jade: What the hell did you just write?

Lizzy: I meant Hay.

Lizzy: Whadayawant?

Sophie: What was the history homework?

Lizzy: Write about Henry V.

Sophie: Thanks!

Jade: Heard from Derek?

Sophie: no.

Sophie: Maybe he's ill again. His Mum wouldn't let me visit- she says he's contagious.

Allie: Odd. He was fine on Friday.

Derek: Hi guys.

Sophie: I thought u weren't allowed to use a phone?

Derek: I got bored.

Derek: Wanna meet up later?

Jade: Aren't you contagious?

Derek: I'm not as ill as I look. I just don't want to go back to school.

Allie: Why?

Derek: I just don't.

Derek: So how 'bout it Sophie? Wanna go on a date?

Derek: I found this great new place.

Sophie: Where?

Derek: It's great. Almost as amazing as you.

Derek: Though nothing could be as beautiful.

Sophie: You're beautiful.

Jade: Ew! Lizzy, Allie- time to abandon ship!

Allie: Quick! Before they start talking about their feelings!

Lizzy: Bye! 🐠

Derek: Are you guys gone?

Allie: Not yet. Can you two start a different chat? I don't want to have to read this in my history.

Sophie: You guys are so immature. Fine.

August 7th 12:42 PM

Sophie: You were saying?

Derek: I found this great place. It's like a cave or something.

Sophie: Where?

Derek: Y'know Tescos?

Sophie: Seriously Derek? We were there last week!

Derek: Right. Sorry. So, you know how there's a a sort of woody bit behind there?

Sophie: No...

Sophie: When did you find this?

Derek: Ages ago.

Derek: There's a gap in the fence. You can squeeze thru and get into the woods.

Derek: There are brambles, wear long trousers.

Sophie: Sounds romantic.

Derek: It is, really.

Derek: Go through until you get to a bit where the brambles are clear and there's like concrete or cement or whatever.

Derek: There's an iron grating that you can pull up and then there's a ladder to go down.

Sophie: ....

Sophie: Is this a sewer? Are you asking me out to a sewer?

Derek: Don't you trust me?

Sophie: What?

Derek: Don't you think I'm a good boyfriend?

Sophie: What the hell Derek!

Derek: Please, this is really important to me.

Derek: Please.

Derek: Just trust me.

Sophie: Okay... What time?

Derek: 6:30 tonight.

Derek: Don't tell anyone. If your mum and dad find out they mights stop you from going.

Sophie: My dad?

Sophie: Derek you know my dad's dead.

Sophie: Why would you say that?

Derek: God. Sorry- autocorrect. I'm really sorry.

Derek: Are you still coming?

Sophie: yeah.

August 7th 8:12 PM

Jade: Just got a call from Sophie's mum. Asking when me and Soph wanted to be picked up.

Jade: I'm at home. Alone.

Allie: She must have used you as an excuse to hang out with Derek.

Allie: What did you tell her mum?

Jade: I said we'd call her when we knew.

Jade: She got a bit annoyed. Asked me to put Sophie on. I had to pretend my battery died. I don't think she believed it.

Allie: Not your fault. Sophie shoulda come up with a better excuse.

Jade: Yeah. Except she kept saying that Sophie and me had been out since half six.

Lizzy: OMG you don't think that Sophie and Derek did it? OMG!

Allie: That wouldn't take them 2 & 1/2 hours Lizzy.

Allie: I wonder what they're doing.

Allie: Hold on- Derek's mum just texted me!

Jade: Derek's MUM?!

Lizzy: I didn't know she could text...

Allie: She wants me to add her to the chat.

Sue: Hi guys, Derek here, I'm on the long, slow road to recovery.


Jade: Tell Sophie her mum wants her home.

Sue: Tell her yourself.

Jade: Isn't she with you?

Allie: Derek, why are you using your mum's phone?

Sue: I can't find mine. I think i must have left it at the hospital. I was feeling like death in a microwave when I went there- coulda dropped it and not noticed.

Lizzy: Death in a microwave?

Sue: Death warmed up.

Jade: Wait, you went to the hospital again?

Sue: No. Only once. My mum said she told Sophie.

Lizzy: Derek, you've been texting us all week- is this a joke?

Sue: I haven't texted you guys.

Allie: Check the history.

Sue: That's not me. Some creep's got my phone.

Sue: Wait, did Sophie agree to meet up with this guy?!

Lizzy: Ohmigod!

Jade: I just tried to call her.

Jade: Her phone's switched off.

Jade: This cannot be happening.

Sue: I'm calling her mum.

Allie: I'm so scared right now.

Allie: What if he murders her?

Allie: Oh god we don't know where they are. I told them to go into a different chat and now we don't know where they are.

Allie: It's my fault!

Lizzy: No. She'll be fine. She's smart.

Lizzy: She'll get to wherever it is, see that Derek's not there and go home. That's what'll happen.

Jade: This stuff doesn't happen in real life. How can this happen?

Sue: I'm off the phone. Sophie's mum is calling the police. She says they'll want to interview you guys.

Sue: And look at your phones.

Sue: Oh god, Sophie.

Jade: Maybe she'll be alright. Like Lizzy said.

Sue: What sort of creep goes to all that trouble to get a girl and then doesn't show up.

Allie: God I hope she's okay.

Lizzy: My mum's calling me, the cops called her.

Lizzy: They'll be calling you guys next.

Allie: oh my god.

7th August 6:35 PM

Sophie: Sorry I'm late Derek, I'm just at the drain cover.

7th August 6:47 PM

Sophie: Where are you? I've been waiting ages.

7th August 7:06 PM

Sophie: I'm going home.

Sophie: The drain won't open.

Sophie: Derek where are you?

Sophie: Where are you?

Sophie: Did you forget? Please, I won't be mad. Just talk to me.

Sophie: I'm scared.

Sophie: It's dark down here and wet.


Sophie: Is this a prank? Do you think this is funny!?

Sophie: Text me back or we're over.

August 7th 7:30 PM

Sophie: I'm gonna call my mum.

Sophie: I can't call her.

Sophie: How are you doing that? Did you hack me?

Sophie: When did you learn to hack?

Sophie: Stop. please.

August 7th 7:45 PM

Sophie: Are you down here?

Sophie: I can hear footsteps.

Sophie: They're getting closer.

Sophie: Please say that's you Derek.

Sophie: Please...